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The Groom Box lockers, handy and secured

Q : I’m a first time user of Groom Box. What should I do ?
Q : Are the Groom Box lockers individual ?
Q : How does the Groom knows in which locker are my belongings ?
Q : How will I be informed that my items are ready to be collected ?
Q : Are the lockers safe ?
Q : If I change my mind and want to retrieve or add an item to my locker, can I open it ?

A simple and innovative web-site

Q : How can I create an account?
Q : How do I place an order ?
Q : How can I add a discount?
Q : What is the « e-closet » ?

Efficient and high quality service

Q : I have instructions or specific requests for the process of my clothes/shoes, what should I do ?
Q : How long does it take ?
Q : How can I get a personalized cover?

Get a package delivered, it’s doable !

Q : How do I get a package delivered in a Groom Box locker ?
Q : How am I going to know that my package is delivered in a Groom Box locker ?
Q : How do I know if my package is going to fit in a locker ?
Q : How long can I leave my package in a locker before I pic kit up ?

A problem… Don’t panic !

Q : What happens if an item gets lost or dammaged ?
Q : What should I do if all the lockers are taken ?
Q : I accidentally placed my order online before putting my clothes in a locker. What should I do ?
Q : What happens if I don’t pick up my belongings from the locker ?
Q : I don’t have any Groom Box lockers in my company/building. How can I make it happen ?
Q : I have another question :

Payment and General conditions of sales

Q : How can I pay for my order ?
Q : Where can I consult your general terms and conditions of sale?
Q : 1€ was charged on my credit card when I authorized it. Is this normal ?