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GROOM’S REMINDER  ! You chose locations in Lyon and all its suburbs. 

Find all of the adresses of the Groombox lockers in businesses, near you or in appartment blocks. To get your packages delivered at Groom Box, our adress is: 59 rue Camille – 69003 Lyon

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Mama Works (employes uniquement) In your company 92 Cours Lafayette, Lyon, France
Immeuble Thiers Lafayette (employés uniquement) In your company 196 Avenue Thiers, Lyon, France
Davidson Consulting (employés uniquement) In your company 1 Rue Lalande, Lyon, France
Tour Oxygène (employés uniquement) In your company 10-12 Boulevard Marius Vivier Merle, Lyon, France
LeasePlan (employés uniquement) In your company 10 Rue Louis Blanc, Vénissieux, France


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Groom Box might already be installed in your company, look on the map !
If it’s not the case yet, you can contact us and propose to the Groom to set up lockers at your place of work. The Groom Box lockers located in companies are only avaible to their employees, why not in yours !

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Groom Box is here to simplify your everyday life. Discover from now on our concierge service by secured lockers on your daily journey.

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Groom Box is here to simplify your everyday life. If you wish to have access to our concierge service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, get secured lockers installed in your residential building.

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