How does it work?

As always with the Groom, it's easy and efficient

2. Order

By phone or directly at


You have the choice : by internet or by phone

Directly at
You do not have a Groom Box account yet ? You just need to create one at or make an order in some clicks.
Already a Groom Box member ? Connect on your account, click on « make an order » et let us guide you !

By phone
Call to 09 75 18 38 34 and let us guide you!
You do not have a Groom Box account yet ? No problem, you can make your first order by phone.

Already a Groom Box member ? You can call us and identify yourself to confirm your order in a few minutes.

Whatever the option chosen you will need to indicate us the number of the locker in which you dropped off your items and the service you requested.

3. It's ready

The Groom informs you by email and by text message


Thanks to an entirely automated management system developed by Groom Box, you have the possibility to follow up the processing of your order.

It’s ready ! You are immediately notified by email and by text message about their availability in one of our secured and smart box.

4. Retrieve

Retrieve by entering the code that the Groom sent you for the designated box


The email and text you received informs you about the number of the locker in which we dropped off your order and about the 4 digits code to open it.

Now you just have to pick them up in the indicated Groom Box when you wish to !


Think about Groom Box for your packages !

The Groom knows that you love to buy things on the internet… but collecting the fruit of hours of frenzied internet shopping should not be a burden for you nor a waist of your time. The solution : have your order delivered and pick up your package in a locker !

Next time you buy something online, think about your beloved Groom and send your items with your name directly to Groom Box rather than to your delivery adress…

Your Name
124 rue Salvador Allende
95870 Bezons

ATTENTION! There’s a digicode: 2015

To validate your order it is very simple ! Place your order on the website or on your app (iOS and Android). You can also reach us by phone at 09 75 18 38 34
Attention ! You must chose the location “At Groom Box” and the instruction “Your packages at Groom Box” to validate your order.

As we receive your package, we will deliver it to the Groom Box locker of your choice (without any specific indication from you we will send it to the latest adress you used). We notify you by SMS and e-mail. These two messages contain the number of the locker in which is your package and the 4 digits code to open the corresponding locker.

Our lockers may receive packages mesuring up to 1 meter high, 36 centimeters width and 50 cm of depth. Most of e-commerce packages fit in easily !

If you have further question about the delivery of your package please contact us and we will be happy to enlighten you.

Les services Groom Box sont disponibles 24/24, 7j/7

24/7 Service

The Groom has only one credo : make your everyday easier!

For this reason, he imagined a network of secured lockers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In need of a Dry-cleaning service : your fresh and clean clothes will be available in a maximum of 3 days.
If you use the Shoe repair or the Alteration services : your items will be back in your Groom Box locker in 3 to 5 working days.

With the automated management system set up by Groom Box, you have the possibility to track the process of your order at each stage.

Programme de fidélité Gmiles par Groom Box

Loyalty Program

The Groom is loyal and knows how to appreciate this merit in others !
Because he loves you, he gives you from your first order a -25% discount with the promotion code WS1272.

All year long, he informs you about the upcoming promotions, all you need is to enter the discount code he sent you when you placed your order and that’s all there is to it!

When you sponsor a friend, all he has to do is enter the discount code you relayed him with and you will be credited for 5€ for his first order superior to 25€. These sponsorship profit called « Gmiles » can be consulted at all times simply by visiting the space My loyalty program”, they are automatically deduced from your first invoice for each order.

If we establish Groom Box in your building or your company thanks to your recommendation… your devotion will naturally be showered by many discounts !

You have understood it, the Groom loves you and he wants to simplify your every day life with a smile… and many discounts !

Your registered VIP bag = 5,50€ !

Directly after you placed your dry-cleaning order, the Groom gives you your items back in your Groom Box bag/cover worth 5,50€. The next time you plan on using our service, turn it around and it becomes a dirty laundry bag ! Handy and intelligent, our bag/cover ensures a constant traceability of your items and is easy to carry around whether you are on a two-wheeler, driving or taking the metro.

If you are leaving your company or moving away from the Groom, return him your bag/cover and he will reimburse you its full value, being 5,50€.