The Groombox Team

The Groom surrounded himself with a high level team to offer you the best assistance :


The Chatty One: Bérénice

Because she is a chatter, always on the lookout for a good deal and ultra-connected, Bérénice began to think that going to the dry-cleaner’s, the shoe repair or the alterer was a waist of time. Since then, she’s been talking about Groom Box… to everybody, all the time and on every tone.

Mr. Monopoly: Morgan

Business is his thing ! He’s got the skills like no one else and only one goal as a business minded person : sell Groom Boxes on every street corner. All from your residential building to your company, your Gym or grocery store ! He wants to see them everywhere. But don’t get me wrong, all he wants is to make your everyday life easier.

The Swiss Knife : Anna

Real marketing’ Shiva, she knows how to design a flyer, updating an app, brainstorming a new service. Brainstorming workshops, briefings and others audits have none secret for her. Her multiples talents do wonders and her extraordinary contact with others will end to convince you if you cross her way at a turn in a box.

The Geek : Véronique

Between high-level software programs and Excel spreadsheets, Véronique can handle the art of reporting like no other ! Lucky for the Groom who can trust her with his eyes closed to keep her accounts updated and error free at all times !



 The Wise One: Sandy

Always caring about your needs and expectations, she makes your satisfaction her top priority. And because the Force is within her – thanks master Yoda – she will move heaven and earth and go against the odds to meet your needs, even the weird ones… Yes, you guys are some real Groomers but nothing scares her !

Marie1_PhotoEquipe_GroomBoxThe Eagle Eye: Marie

High priestess of cleanness, she has any stain under control. You can talk to Marie about oil, sauce or makeup she will find THE solution – even if it means asking her grand-mother for tips. She’s the expert.


This dream team is on their game 24/7 to satisfy your needs… and always with a smile !

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Our customer service

The Groom heard thousands of dramatic stories about angry clients and he simply can’t stand it !

To him, service is a calling, efficiency a watchword and courtesy a requirement. Our goal is clear : to bring back to former glory customer service. We have at heart to answer you as quickly as possible and to do our utmost best to rectify any inconvenience. For that, our customer service is always on hand and glad to provide the information and help you need.

Contact us by phone at : 09 75 18 38 34 or by mail at :

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The Groom Box technology

A secured box system
The Groom Box secured lockers system was created to ensure you at all times of the security of your belongings. Every Groom Box locker has an electronic lock which you safeguard when leaving your belongings in it by entering a 4 digits personnal code (the one you wish).

To retrieve them, Groom Box once again ensures you a safe and easy  access to your locker. All you have to do is to enter once more a 4 digits code that was personnaly sent to you by SMS and e-mail. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Groom Box lockers guarantee you a certified and secured access to Groom Box services.

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Groom Box’s values

The quality requirement

The Groom is a figurehead regarding quality ! He chose to provide you exclusively with artisans of proven savoir-faire.
For your laundry, your clothes or your shoes nothing can escape to his team’s sagacity. In all of his tasks, the Groom takes to heart to meet your expectations with the efficacy and quality of his services.
The Groom only has one wish, simplify your everyday life !


Join us

You are the king of salesman, the champion of accounting, the Aladin of the delivery people, a genius in communication. Service is a second nature of yours, efficiency a credo… In short you have the Groom Box soul and you would like us to meet… write us at :
The Groom is always delighted to hire new talents.

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